About me, About time

Dec. 31, 2021 I finally got a web page started, with hosting and everything. This is my second web page, where I will mess around with themes and widgets and whatnots, since folks *might* actually look at page #1.

I am a woman of middling years living in the Pacific NW, deciding what to do next. In the meantime, I make stuff. Mostly messes. Notes are here, mainly to give me a place to experiment with web hosting.

Here are some quotes that got me through 2021.

The only thing worse than getting trapped in the same bucket nineteen times is surrender.

Allie Brosh, Solutions & Other Problems

and Timmy. Oh, Timmy. The Three Musketeers owe you their sanity from Q1’21.

Timmy, you can’t verbally intimidate the doorknob. It’s an inanimate object

Timmy’s mom (creator: Andrew Rousso on Instagram)

I need a siege tower, a crossbow, and a dwarven engineer.

Timmy (creator: Andrew Rousso on Instagram)